Our Four Step Music Creation Process Revealed

Our Four Step Music Creation Process Revealed

Every smash hit began with inspiration. Whether or not the composer planned it, the music and lyrics flowed into a musical piece. In today’s world, music and lyrics do matter, but there’s a greater emphasis on the melodies and accompaniment used by known artists. Creating words isn’t that difficult, but fitting them into tunes with chords and instruments add to the experience. Here’s the secret: even if your lyrics are bad, a good tune will act as a hook to make people love your song.

Step 1: Words and Tunes

It doesn’t matter where you start. Maybe you already have a musical composition to use or a compilation of melodies you were humming to yourself on the train to work. All you have to do is dedicate yourself to your craft and spend some time to get the ball rolling.

Once you have your lyrics, write it down. Once you have your tune, record it. It doesn’t have to be in a studio because you can just use your phone’s voice recorder. It’s essential you record your ideas, so you don’t end up forgetting them.

When you have your melodies and lyrics, try putting them together. Bring out a piano, guitar or ukulele and conceptualize the song you’ve been itching to perform.

After you’ve put the pieces together, it’s time to create a demo track.

Step 2: The Demo Track

Have you ever noticed artists releasing their original demo tracks in special edition CDs? Jason Mraz released the demo version of “I Won’t Give Up,” and it was pretty raw with an extra verse that didn’t make it to the final cut.

Your demo doesn’t have to be the best. That’s why it’s a demo. This is a chance for you to go wild with creativity. There are plenty of studios nowadays, but technology has allowed us to create music in our homes. You can try using Garage Band, Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, and other recording software out in the market. If you’re short on cash, there’s always your trusty phone recorder!

All that matters is creating a “rough draft” of your song. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect because this is the part where you’ll work to make it the best version of itself.

Step 3: Rehearsals

This part is where you let your talents loose… with your friends! Nowadays, people performing all by themselves are becoming a thing. People forget the fun and excitement of creating music together. Plus, this is the part where you can share ideas and brainstorm on how you can make the song better. Bring in some of your talented friends to arrange your song with you.

If you look at the back of an album, you might see a caption saying, “composed by,” or “arranged by,” which means two or more people made an effort to create the song. Teams of individuals working behind the scenes created most of the biggest hits we hear today.

Get some advice from friends on how you can make the song better and start your rehearsals! Play your song with a band so you can hear all the music gears working together. Here’s where you can refine your song like a lump of coal turning into a diamond. Performing your song creates a venue for you to work the kinks while you prepare for a studio recording.

Step 4: : Recording and Mastering

Here’s where we’d recommend going to a recording studio if you don’t have the equipment at home. Your mission in this step is to create the best version of your song. You won’t get that type of quality by using your mobile phone. Consider spending a significant amount of money to record your song because it’s the final part of your masterpiece. This is the recording you’re going to release to the world, so you better make it right.

Sound technicians work fast to give you the quality and precision ruling the radio. You’ll never hear a song with bad quality playing on the radio. If you’re planning to let people hear your song, help them appreciate it by mastering the song. If you’ve got skills in audio editing, mastering won’t be a problem but having a helping hand won’t be too bad. Again, collaborating with others is a shortcut to success.

Once your track is done with mastering, publish your song and release it to the world!


Roy Mata

Roy Mata