Paul McCartney – Good Evening New York City – Live 2009 (Full Concert) (HD)

Paul McCartney – Good Evening New York City – Live 2009 (Full Concert) (HD)

Pauls opening show of Citi Field, released as “Good Evening New York City” in 2009.
1. “Drive My Car” 1:10
2. “Jet” 3:50
3. “Only Mama Knows” 9:30
4. “Flaming Pie” 13:15
5. “Got to Get You into My Life” 16:50
6. “Let Me Roll It” 20:30
7. “Highway” 27:53
8. “The Long and Winding Road” 32:10
9. “My Love” 36:00
10. “Blackbird” 41:30
11. “Here Today” 46:10
12. “Dance Tonight” 49:25
13. “Calico Skies” 52:35
14. “Mrs Vandebilt” 55:30
15. “Eleanor Rigby” 1:00:30
16. “Sing the Changes” 1:03:25
17. “Band on the Run” 1:07:45
18. “Back in the USSR” 1:13:25
19. “I’m Down” 1:17:10
20. “Something” 1:20:40
21. “I’ve Got a Feeling” 1:25:24
22. “Paperback Writer” 1:31:48
23. “A Day in the Life/Give Peace a Chance” 1:35:30
24. “Let It Be” 1:41:33
25. “Live and Let Die” 1:45:55
26. “Hey Jude” 1:49:50
27. “Day Tripper” 1:58:50
28. “Lady Madonna” 2:02:46
29. “I Saw Her Standing There” (with Billy Joel) 2:06:37
30. “Yesterday” 2:11:56
31. “Helter Skelter” 2:14:45
32. “Get Back” 2:19:00
33. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)/The End” 2:24:57

The Band:
Paul McCartney – Bass, Guitar, Piano, Lead Vocal
Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens – Keyboards
Rusty Anderson – Guitar
Brian Ray – Guitar, Bass
Abe Laborier Jr. – Drums

17 Epic Photos of Faster Pussycat on the Monsters of Rock Cruise

17 Epic Photos of Faster Pussycat on the Monsters of Rock Cruise

Photographed by Jason Miller_-3

As I prepare to embark on my 5th Monsters of Rock Cruise, I’ve been archiving thousands of photos from the previous years. The first time I went was back in 2012 and to be honest, I wasn’t a very good photographer as I was still learning the fundamentals of what is one of the most challenging disciplines of photography; live music. After a tremendous amount of studying, understanding how to control every aspect of the camera shooting hundreds of bands since then, I’ve refined not only my skills but also my style. One of my favorite bands to shoot both on and off the stage is Faster Pussycat. These guys epitomize the unpredictable nature of rock n roll and continue to evolve and cut through the bullshit clichè that was hair metal. They are

One of my favorite bands to shoot both on and off the stage is Faster Pussycat. These guys epitomize the unpredictable nature of rock n roll and continue to evolve. They cut through the bullshit clichè that was hair metal and they put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. With that being said, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite photos, from one of my favorite bands over four years on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. (Sadly I missed 2013). 

Here are 15 shots that I think tell the story of not only the evolution of my photography skills but also showcase one band that has become a staple on the cruise every year. In addition, I’ve included a gallery from the photo experience with the band on the 2016 cruise. If you get your photo with one band on the boat this year, make it this one.

2016 – Shredders from the Deep



Photographed by Jason Miller_-17

Photographed by Jason Miller_-18


2015 – Poseidon’s Revenge

Photographed by Jason Miller-1-18

Photographed by Jason Miller-1-2Photographed by Jason Miller-1-3

2014 – Escape From Monster Island

Faster Pussycat Monsters of Rock (4 of 6)

Photographed by Jason Miller_-8Photographed by Jason Miller_-7Photographed by Jason Miller_-6Photographed by Jason Miller_-5

2012 – Monsters of Rock 

Faster Pussycat-1


Photographed by Jason Miller_-2Photographed by Jason Miller_

Not only are these guys one of the best live shows on the cruise, they are also incredibly cool to hang out with. They’ve become notorious for recreating the legendary Cat Club on board as well as playing an EPIC late night show on the main stage where anything can happen. I can only hope that both of these events happen again this year.

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Julien Baker Announces New Album, Shares New Song ‘Appointments’ (Listen)

Julien Baker Announces New Album, Shares New Song ‘Appointments’ (Listen)

julien baker appointments

Photo by Nolan Knight

Memphis singer-songwriter Julien Baker has announced her sophomore album, Turn Out The Lights. The 11-track album will be released on October 27 via Matador Records (it’s Ms. Baker’s first release for the label). Her new song ‘Appointments’ is streaming below; it’s full of the stirring beauty that’s characteristic of Ms. Baker’s work. Turn Out The Lights was produced by Julien Baker and mixed by Craig Silvey (The National, Arcade Fire, Florence & the Machine).

Listen to ‘Appointments’ here:

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D.C. Shoegazers Big Hush Blend Big-Fuzz Guitars With Daydream Melodies

D.C. Shoegazers Big Hush Blend Big-Fuzz Guitars With Daydream Melodies

big hush band

A lot of new music comes through the Culture Creature inbox – and sometimes, something special stands out. Today, D.C. shoegaze band Big Hush have released an impressive debut, Spirit/Wholes. The band’s sound is an infectious blend of big-fuzz guitars and daydream melodies that’s sure to please fans of Pixies and My Bloody Valentine.

Spirit/Wholes drops today via Robotic Empire. This ten-track LP was originally conceived as two albums; the songs reveal the band’s growth over several years. In a press release, Big Hush said, “Each new song is a reaction to the song written before it, and the space that song inhibits, each void created by one song is filled by the next, and so reveals a new void. It’s funny how a lot of things in life tend to embody a reactionary nature, capitalism is dictated by market reactions, relationships evolve dictated on reactions to each other, the weather reacts to changes in currents and temperature.”

Big Hush is Genevieve Ludwig, Owen Wuerker, Chris Taylor, and Emma Baker. Stream Spirit/Wholes below:

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15 Epic Moments from the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2017

15 Epic Moments from the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2017


Faster Pussycat perform the late show on the Pool Stage

Another year, another EPIC Monsters of Rock Cruise. This year was a bit different for me because instead of running around like a crazy person trying to shoot each and every band, I was very selective. I only shot the bands that I absolutely wanted to and I spent the rest of my time hanging with friends. As a photographer on the Monsters of Rock it’s incredibly competitive. The amazing Monsters of Rock house photogs Mike Sovoia,Igor Vidyashev, Neil Lim Sang, and Jovan and Janina Nenadic do an awesome job covering the gigs from every angle imaginable and have all access so how do I compete? I don’t. I just try to add my own unique angle and go for 5-10 epic shots from each show that I see in order to capture that moment and tell a story. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Regardless, I got the shots that I was looking for and I even got to hang for a few minutes with my all time favorite photographer Mark Weiss. With that being said, here is my annual recap of 15 EPIC moments on the 2017 Monsters of Rock Cruise.

1. Bulletboys– Who in the hell could have guessed that Marq Torien and company would come out guns a blazing and absolutely destroy the Pool Stage. They were the last minute replacement for TNT who canceled for one reason or another, and oh my God did they deliver. Marq’s voice is absolutely stellar and he had more energy than a mentos dropped into a 2-liter of Coca-cola. Last time I saw these guys they were opening for Cinderella on the Long Cold Winter tour (my second concert ever). Hats off to the Bulletboys for taking the ship over and turning a loss into a major gain for the fans.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-3

2. Saigon Kick – Arguably the tightest and best-sounding band on the boat, Saigon Kick absolutely crushed it this year. Matt Kramer and Jason Beiler make it look effortless as they nail their signature two-part harmonies while Stephen Gibb, bassist Chris McLernon (from the brilliant and terribly underrated Water and Devil in the Details records) and session drummer God Jonathan Mover lock in a monster groove. So how about some new music next?

Photographed by Jason Miller_-2

3. D-A-D – I’ve loved this band for nearly two decades and they continue to win over fans old and new alike. One of the most entertaining shows as frontman Jesper Binzer is part rock God part comedian and the eccentric 2-string bass player is as unpredictable as the setlist.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-4

4. Beasto Blanco – Holy shit these guys almost sank the boat with their rip-your head off – melt your face wall of sound. Featuring Chuck Garrick (Alice Cooper bassist) and Calico Cooper (Cooper’s daughter), this is the band to watch in 2017.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-11

5. Faster Pussycat – Always a highlight every single time and this year was no exception. Eddie Trunk reprises his role as the real-time Jack Daniels distributor as he circles the stage pouring the bottle directly into various band members as they play live. Faster sounds fantastic and their host of friends is second to none; everybody wants some…..

Photographed by Jason Miller_

6. Queensryche – These guys have transcended to an entirely new level. Just incredible. Todd LaTorre makes it look easy and the entire QR show continues to evolve into something bigger and better each time I see them.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-2

7. Kix – As hi energy and EPIC as ever. Rumor has it that there was one fist pumping guy in the crowd who ignited the entire audience on a blistering hot day. Check out the brilliant new Kix documentary by the way.


8. Night Ranger – Somehow I totally missed the first 30 years of Night Ranger’s career as I seemingly dismised them as not rock n roll enough during my teenage angst years celebrating Slayer. Boy was I wrong. These guys absolutely blew my mind live putting on a show for a ages and on top of that they might be the coolest dudes on the boat. I’m currrently catching up and celebrating their entire catalog.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-5

9. Winger – These guys get a tremendous amount of shit all because some silly MTV cartoon told us it was funny to make fun of them. Well, how long did that show last versus how long Winger have kept rocking and rolling along? Kip Winger and company killed it on stage and every time I hear the song “Down Incognito” it reminds me that that last record never really got a chance, and it’s a hell of a record.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-3

10. Lynch Mob – George Lynch was on fire. And they even played a Dokken classic! (Into the Fire) Enough said.

Photographed by Jason Miller_

11. Y&T – Dave Meneketti and company showed up to dominate the Pool Stage with yet another incredible performance.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-3

12. Tom Keifer – The Cinderella frontman always puts on one hell of a show whether he’s with his original bandmates or the hybrid #Keiferband. I’m not sure there’s a guy on the planet that puts so much heart and soul into every single performance. On top of that, he’s one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet.

Photographed by Jason Miller_

13. Soto singing Boys II Men End of the Road with Brian Ott. – After hours the cruise really gets kicking with host Izzy Presley and the all night Karoeke jam. You really never know who’s going to show up. This time it was Jeff Scott Soto bringing the house down with a stellar version of Purple Rain. But just before that Soto showed his softer side belting the Motown Philly 90’s hit (check out the lyrics on the monitor) being joined by DJ Brian Ott who easily held his own along side the metal God. (Who in the f*ck knew Brian could sing like that??)

Photographed by Jason Miller_-2

14. Slaughter – Like it was 1990 all over again. Stick it To Ya is an absolute masterpiece and I think they should have just played that record in its entirety.

Photographed by Jason Miller_

15. Vince Neil – Backed by Slaughter, Vince was good, but I think he only played 6 songs. I put him at 15 because it was semi-Epic, and could have been a lot better.

Photographed by Jason Miller_-4

Bonus EPIC Moment: The Photo Experiences – Hanging out and shooting the fans with the bands is such a feel good experience. Tha fans love it and the band’s are incredibly humble and appreciative. Throw in a few fun anecdotes and eccentric fans along the way and you have the makings for a true “experience”.  Here’s a once in a lifetime shot of D-A-D, Queensryche, and Night Ranger.


Were you on the Monsters of Rock 2017 Cruise? What were your favorite moments? Please join the conversation in the comment section below.

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KISS and the Dives: Kings of the Nighttime World Exclusive Live shots from the O2

KISS and the Dives: Kings of the Nighttime World Exclusive Live shots from the O2

Photographed by Jason Miller-30

This is the sixth time I’ve seen the self-proclaimed “hottest band in the land,” and for me it really does get better with each show. I would go see these guys every night of the week if it were possible, and what better place to host such an epic event than London’s legendary O2 Arena. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer took to the stage in front of a capacity crowd to display exactly why they are the kings of the nighttime world.

Opening up the evening with a blistering version of “Deuce,” the entire band descended from a steel platform gliding through an enormous cloud of smoke from the opening fireworks. Within seconds Gene and Paul were front and center interacting with the crowd (and the photographers) in classic form. These guys don’t miss a beat and they have the energy of a rock ‘n’ roller half their age.

Photographed by Jason Miller-17

Midway into the set, Paul Stanley asked the crowd “How many of you are seeing KISS for the first time?” I was astonished to see more than half the crowd raise their hands and begin screaming, to which Stanley replied, “This is a night you will never forget.” A bold statement—but one that would ring true by the evening’s end.

“Deuce,” “Shout it out Loud,” into “Lick It Up” (the first album I ever bought with my own money!) I don’t want to give away the entire setlist but let’s just say it was EPIC. Chock full of classics both old and new and falling just short of the two-hour mark—which could have easily gone on for another hour—fans were hanging on every note and awed by every theatrical and over the top visual. This was not just a rock ‘n’ roll show folks, it was an experience.

Gene Simmons in his role of the Demon never gets old. His bass solo was followed by thunder and the ringing of the church bell which transitions frighteningly well into the Demon’s signature blood spitting and soaring flight straight up to the top of the stage. It’s a fantastic mix of old school Dynasty-era Demon with a new, modern twist. “God of Thunder” appropriately followed.

It was great to see the first album still holding its own in the setlist and sounding as relevant today as it did more than 40 years ago. It’s certainly a statement as to the importance of the debut even if the critics missed it the first time around. (If you missed my previous article about how I found the first album with actual notes on them from college radio DJs in the ’70s, you can check it out here. The comments are priceless as I am sure they had no idea that this band would later take over the world.)

Photographed by Jason Miller-7

This show got me thinking about how much longer they can put on a tour of this magnitude. I mean, I have a two-year old daughter who I want to take to a KISS show one day. Will I have the chance to? Maybe.

In an interview with Glasgow Live just last week, Simmons said that when it comes to the future of the band, there’s likely a few years left. “We’re the hardest-working band in show business, I wear over forty pounds of studs and armor and all that stuff, seven-inch platform heels, spit fire and have to fly through the air and do all that stuff,” explains Simmons. “If Bono or [Mick] Jagger, who we all love, had to dress up and do what I do, they couldn’t last an hour—they just couldn’t. In hindsight, it would have been smarter to be a U2 or The Stones to wear some sneakers and a t-shirt and you’re comfortable. No, we had to do it the hard way.” (How can you not love this guy?)

Photographed by Jason Miller-4

Along with the KISS world tour comes the release of KISSWORLD: The Best of KISS. It’s a fantastic collection that reminds us just how important this band is to the world of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s also the perfect introduction and primer for the next generation of KISS fans to carry the torch onward.

One last note—opening the show was New York City’s The Dives. Falling somewhere between Springsteen and The Strokes, these guys were absolutely brilliant and are fronted by Stanley’s son Evan. It’s great to see this kid choose his own path and he’s got one hell of a band to back him up. Their new EP is now available and it’s definitely worth a spin (or a stream).

Bottom line, go see this show and celebrate one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll treasures of all time. Let’s hope they keep going for a 50th anniversary—they certainly have it in them.

Check out high res shots in the gallery here.

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American Southern Rock band

Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of American Southern Rock Band and What You Should Do Today

The Benefits of American Southern Rock Band

From classical music to the modern-day forms nowadays, German music consists of many variations. Bentley is quite an enthusiastic singer with a lot of energy and he is an excellent entertainer. Should you really wish to be a legend, you will find tons of excellent singing programs available on the market that could enhance your screams by leaps. When screaming, you need to refrain from using your true voice.

He is among the most pursued guys in country music. That’s what those dancers should represent. He played with abandon, but in addition wonderful skill, an extremely tricky trick for an expert musician to pull off. Once, jazz singing was not a quaint mannerism with higher buy-in. I started going to concerts. Put money into a singing program.

American Southern Rock band

Using American Southern Rock Band

Everyone who plays on it’s from Kentucky. Young Thug would like to be sedated. Young copperheads vary from 8 to ten inches in length.

Rumors, Lies and American Southern Rock Band

Your listeners will surely appreciate it. It is a damn shame, it truly is. We had lots of songs to pick from. Dub music emerged from the 60s reggae scene. Occasionally it may seemed that there’s no decent new music out there.

You’ve rolled a crucial hit! Luke Bryan is extremely hot and may easily be a movie star if he wished to be. And clearly, the Allman Brothers.

This may be a terrific chance for the producers to supply services and advertise their goods. Check online and you would discover lots of lessons and masters eager to direct you for a little fee or some even at no cost. Houston’s trademark, obviously, is its Tex-Mex food. The trusty favorites I have observed several occasions and people that I really need to see as soon like I get the chance.

Meat is the most important ingredient in the majority of the dishes. There are several more places it is possible to visit and a number of them are mentioned within the next section. Germany has contributed in a big approach to the area of music.

You never understand who you’re likely to find in a way of speaking. For most applicants, a two-page career synopsis is not just acceptable, additionally, it enables narration of the salient elements that we’ve discussed above. It gave me an exact strong awareness of duality,” Russell stated. The game must be the largest reason for its comeback. Should youn’t have sufficient desire and passion, then you simply won’t do the required work.

What Everybody Dislikes About American Southern Rock Band and Why

By playing that portion of the song before your teacher they’ll be in a position to work out the particular explanations for why you are experiencing trouble. Soon enough the significant labels came calling. They take rusty-red color coat. They simply do much more quality practice. You only have to have the ability to tune 1 string so as to have the ability to tune the others though!

So, clearly we’ve arrived at number one. The distinction is created by the accession of an accented backbeat. You don’t speak for my values. Look for a solitary practice space and put it to use.

For maintenance, you might also need to try out this. Its important oil is chiefly mixed with the vital lavender oil and are made available for sale on the market. There are several methods of oil extraction that may also decide the benefits, in regards to growing lavender. Their diet includes insects and worms. They have got an omnivorous diet that is mainly vegetarian.

But there’s more to it than nothing but that. You’ll feel uninhibited if you’re able to scream on your own. I don’t wish to see her again.’ I used ton’t realise exactly how good!

However, with a tiny aid, you can place together the ideal playlist for you, your family members and friends and family. I wished to observe the biggest country music festival on earth–Fan Fair, in Nashville. This was among the finest live events witnessed via this scribe in many annually. Therefore, if you are wanting to spend the ideal holiday by means of your family members, friends or partner, then think no further and brace yourself for an excellent visit to the unbelievable Alabama Gulf Coast. It’s these stories they’re attempting to express. Merely a fabulous mixture of incredible musicians, talented and seasoned engineers, excellent studios, and then taking the opportunity to receive it right (just enjoy the Tennessee Whiskey that might or might not have been in attendance at a number of the sessions).

Germany is among the absolute most advanced and modernized nations in the world. It can also become woody along with difficult to handle or harvest. It’s heritage, not hate.