Denied NYC draws the center of their motivation from the soul-filled, gospel-tinged tint of American Southern rock.


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About Denied NYC

Formed in 1999, Denied NYC the band started when two hormonally charged guitarists, David Smith and Thirdy Ripell, and drummer Mike Dutton chose the time had come to escape their particular bolted rooms and begin making a scene out in the open. Joining the youthful axemen were vocalist Chris West, bass blaster Louie Dunes.

From the get-go, Denied NYC had a respectable after, on account of their solid yet rankling live Performances. There’s no getting away from the twin-dread flow of Thirdy and David, whose guitar-twosome invasion may review the Allman Brothers or Lynyrd Skynyrd yet remain an exceptional sight in the American music scene. Similarly as with most groups, Denied NYC at initially grabbed covering memorabilia by their musical symbols, for their situation ’70s creatures, for example, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, and so forth.


This exactly when the purported elective music scene was going to blast, Denied NYC thus turning into an honest to goodness very real time other option to the downpour of groups meaning to gorilla Nirvana.

As the ’90s played on, Denied NYC amassed much experience, much music, much introduction, and much liquor. Inevitably understanding that they weren’t a showband, these sonic swine started composing their tunes, and their underlying endeavors weighed down with the force that would’ve made their aural progenitors pleased. Unending gigging and songwriting turned into the standard for the band individuals, bringing about such riff-rich firsts. Killa Highway Volume One was at last unleashed, typical of a band that, after a long, difficult ascension, has finally come to the peak and planted this banner of theirs for all the world to observe.

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